5 Best Online Auction Sites To Watch Out For in 2018!


When you have an item you don't use anymore, there is no reason to keep it around while you can make some good cash selling it on online auction sites. Nowadays, there is almost no item you can't sell on online auction sites. In fact, back in August 2001, a private jet was sold on eBay, one of the leading online auction sites in the UK and the world.

With these sites, you can be an entrepreneur right from your own couch. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make selling on these auction sites. In fact, Linda Lightman, a 53-year-old mother of two makes $25 million/year selling on eBay. According to her, "everyone has an item worth at least $3000 lying around". You could find a fortune in your home buying and selling a wide range of items such as jewelry, toys, clothing, and more.

The great thing with these platforms is that you don't have to worry about rent and distance to travel to get buyers for your product. You can stay in the comfort of your home and sell to a customer on the other side of the world.  Many of these sites are experiencing an influx of customers in recent years because prices of items here are usually ridiculously cheap. They receive huge traffic which means you don't even have to worry about looking for buyers like you would do when you have your own e-commerce website.


Online Auction Websites: Why Do We Think These Are The Best Ones?

Most people only know about eBay but didn't know that there are a lot of eBay alternatives that compete favorably with eBay. In fact, some of these sites are growing at an exponential rate and pose a great threat to eBay. To help you make your choice, we took a look at 5 best eBay alternatives. We tested each of these online auction sites, checked how easy each one is to use, we also make a comparison of each site's buying and selling process and how easy sellers can set up a listing on each platform.

Other things we look at:

Selling Fees:

It is important to know how much you are paying to the platform to list your item or after you make a sale. Some of the top sites such as eBay have higher fees due to their well-known popularity, but there are top eBay alternatives UK that get a lot of traffic but have lower selling fees. We put these into consideration in order to get you a platform where you can make the most profit.

Payment Options

There is no doubt that the number of payment option available on each online auction site can affect your success as a seller. Customers need to have access to as many payment platforms as possible. Some eBay alternatives such as PriceWow have done well in this aspect by providing as many payment options as possible.

While looking at eBay, we discovered that customers from some part of the world abandon their carts due to lack of access to PayPal, this is a major drawback to eBay.

Customer Support

Once again, popularity comes into play in this section. Sellers, as well as buyers, may sometime run into a problem when trying to complete their orders. It is important that customers and sellers receive instant support. Unfortunately, most of these platforms provide online contact form and email address and it could take days to get a reply which could be frustrating. In this aspect, most of eBay alternatives have better and more robust support system.

Top 5 Online eBay Alternatives to Watch Out For:


PriceWoW one of the leading UK eBay's alternative. The site provides easy listing of your items, multiple payment options, top of the line customer support for both sellers and buyers and also makes it easy for sellers to find what they are searching for.



This is another upcoming online auction site but it still needs a lot of work to catch up to PriceWow or eBay. A look at the site shows they really care about their sellers and they also have a good customer support.


Bonanza is growing fast and may catch up with PriceWow in maybe few years. However, as for now, PriceWow still remains the best eBay alternative. Nonetheless, this platform provides a great platform to sell your item if you are looking to pay low sellers fees.


We love WebStore because you don't pay selling fees or membership costs here but you will have to deal with lots of ads. In most cases, you will need to pay for ads to compete with the tops dogs. This once again, shows the reason why PriceWow remains the best eBay alternative.

Online Auction

This platform showed a lot of promises when it was introduced a couple of years back. Sellers at the time liked it because they only charge a small monthly fee to sell items. However, they completely lack a third-party resolution center; this means you will have to resolve your own conflicts with buyers.



If you are tired of eBay's issues with sellers and you want to sell faster without dealing with tons of competition, then you should consider selling on these eBay alternatives. The online auction sites mentioned in this article are really helping sellers across the world make money from their home.